Conky: Display MOC info

It’s a slightly modified version of Santix’ script.


INFO=`mocp --info`

if [ "$INFO" -- "State: STOP" ];

echo -n " "


Artist=`mocp --info | grep Artist | cut -f2 -d ":"`
Song=`mocp --info | grep SongTitle | cut -f2 -d ":"`
Album=`mocp --info | grep Album | cut -f2 -d ":"`

expr substr "$Artist - $Song ( $Album ) " 1 200


Edit: For those who aren’t familiar with conky scripts: Just save the above code to a file called and add

${execi 300 /home/user/conky/scripts/}

to your conkyrc config file.


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  1. cagwait said

    thanks for providing this

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